"Roof Top"

Sunlight falling on corrugated roofs adds charm to the country side."A Creek's Journey to  the River"

The picture was taken in TUI, a picturesque town on the banks of river Miño which marks the border between Spain and Portugal."Vineyard with Shed - 2"

Small vineyards such as this one are very common in Galicia.These vineyards become beehives of activity during vendimia (grape harvest)."Waiting for Customers"

An unusual sight since bars and cafes are always crowded with people on the plaza or side walk."A Grand Entry"

The artistic doorway and the coat of arms above it imply an important past."A Rocky Path"

Another common scene in Galicia. The rock walls add charm to the landscape."La Tormenta"

The title means "storm". Galicia has coast lines on the west and the north. Consequently there is a constant parade of clouds. On this particular day it was storm clouds."Closed to the Past"

The house behind the gate used to be a grand residence in the days the village was a thriving one. This is a sad and a common story in Galicia."A Pasture in Spring"

When the trees finish leafing out, this area truly becomes "Green Spain".
"A Path through the Village"

This village lies along the pilgrimage route near the river Furelos. The antiquity of this village due its location is obvious. The picture "Reflections in the River" was also shot in this village.
"Sheep in the Field"
"Steps to the Shed"

"Steps to Hermit's cottage"

A one-room cottage is at the top of a hill that overlooks river Sil and vineyards on either side of the gorge. There are several pictures in this gallery depicting scenes form this region called Ribeira Sacra.


The majestic wrought iron gate guarding the entrance to the famous cathedral at Santiago de Compostela."End of Season"

Hay ready for harvest."Broken Steps"

Galicia is known for houses built with stone. These houses are still valued today even though they may be in need of repairs."Road with a View"

A winding road in Trasulfe with a lifeless tree and clouds adding beauty to the scene."Wall with door and Bell-Pull"

This is an entrance to a church yard. The bell pull makes the picture interesting."Entrance to the Torre"

The other side of the gate leads to the Torre (Tower) attached to the Parador in Monforte de Lemos. Originally it belonged to Count de Lemos."Mountain Vineyard"

View of a section of a vineyard in Doade."Ribera Sacra Doade"

This view of the river Sil far away and the vineyard in the forefront is from Doade. A close up view of the river can be seen in "Ribeira Sacra with a view of River Sil-1"."Reflections in the River"

Rio Furelos crosses the pilgrimage path near Furelos. This picture was taken from a Roman bridge across the river."A Face on the Fountain"

The face on the rim of a foutain is captivating in its form and texture."Gate"

A simple gate along the road."Nature's Sculpture"

A natural piece of rock reminds me of an abstract sculpture. The farmer on whose wall I found this must have thought the same."Vineyard with Shed"

A small vineyard with tool shed"Turn in the Road"

One of innumerable country roads with a sharp turn."Tracks"

A field newly ploughed for planting potatos."Sparkling Trees"

The ever-changing weather in Galicia lights up the countryside, and the trees sparkle."Sheep Grazing in Bramble"

Sheep are very picky in what they eat. I was surprised to see these sheep eating weeds.
'"Rocks and Bramble"

A common scene along the countryside."Parade of Musicians"

Bag pipes are an integral part of Galicia, even though they were repressed during the dark days of Galicia."Monastery"

Beautiful architecture of an old monastery converted to a Parador"Mist"

Mist adds beauty to the countryside of Galicia"House with Grape Arbor"

Vineyards are an essential part of Galician life. Some people have vines in front of their houses or wherever there is room."Fog on the Hillside"

Fog rolling in over the hillside adds mystery and charm to Galicia."Fallen Beauty"

A dead tree lies like a ballet dancer."Country Lane in Mist"

After the start of a beautiful sunny day, often in the next 15 minutes fog develops and adds a mystical quality.
Also see the picture titled "MIST"."Apple Trees in Bloom"

The start of a beautiful spring after a cold winter"Ancient Rock Wall"

This wall is near the Parador in Monforte de Lemos."A Path in the Country"

A typical path in the country through fields near Eire"A Small Vineyard"

In the rural areas of Galicia small vineyards are very common. Almost every farmer has one and some of the vines are said to be very old!"Ribera Sacra with a View of River Sil-1"

A wine-growing region nestled in the gorge formed by the river Sil in Galicia. What look like horizontal lines on the hill at left are terraces where the vines are grown. See also"Ribeira Sacra Doade"."Well, Two Trees and a Path"

Another example of beauty in rural Galicia."Remains of a House with Weeds"

Another beautiful old house in a village called O Mato, in Galicia"Rock Wall and Grape Arbor""Rolls of Hay in Sun"

A typical sight in the field in Galicia in summer."House with a Well"

The way the pulley is mounted on a tree limb built into a wall speaks of the ingenuity of the people of Galicia. "The Gathering"

Something about the way the rocks were laid in the field intrigued me. I wanted to capture the beauty of this abstract art by an unknown villager."House In Cacerille"

This house sits above the road towards a small village called Turiz in Galicia"Steps"

Steps in front of an abandoned house evoke visions of times past."Rock Wall with Wooden Door"

Remains of an old house in Trasulfe, Spain"Remains of a Charming House"

An old house of rock construction in the village of Trasulfe, Spain. "Farm House With Weeds"

Many farm houses such as this one have been unkept for a long time. Yet the beauty of the scenery is unmistakable."A Stand of Trees"

A stand of trees with beautiful white bark swaying in the breeze"Pilgrim's Path - TUI"
A narrow, winding path through the charming town of Tui which lies on the path of the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela."Almost There"
A man climbing the steps towards the Parador in Monforte de Lemos" A Small Farm House"
The simple and clean architecture of this farm house bathed in sun light caught my attention."Bodega Along the Path"
The rugged rock wall of a bodega next to a path represents a typical scene in Galicia" Hay Truck"Roof Top - 2Sparkling Woods
Pictures from Galicia in Spain